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Members of the Publication team present in the meeting is the Chief Executive Editor Mr. Tajudeen Balogun and the Deputy Editor Mr. Abdulfatai Abdulsallam. The Publisher,further explained that the Magazine has enjoyed 10 years of high significance relevance in Nigeria especially on Islamic matters affecting the Nation and the World at Large.

One of the aims of this meeting is to schedule a press interview with the Ambassador and also to appreciate the Hon. Consular for his swift response to their interview request letter addressed to the Cultural Consulate several years back. They expressed profound gratitude for the consideration received from the Consular adding that it is an indicator that he has come to work.

Important issues discussed at the meeting are as follows:

I. Personality interview of the Ambassador in Abuja two weeks after the Id-Fitr

II. Personality interview of the Consular to enumerate the Consulate activities, aims and goals and to unveil him to the various Islamic Organization, NGOs and Parastatals in Lagos Environ.

III. To establish a strong cordial relationship by using their magazine as a tool of image building for the I.R of Iran and also Publishing articles written by Cultural experts of the Consulate .

IV. Collaborating with the Consulate to create more Conference in Nigeria which will invariably serve as a platform for image building of the I.R. of Iran and also for analyzing the role of Iran in resolving bottleneck to peace in other Islamic Republics to promote her goodwill.

Finally to look at the possibility of participating in the annual Press Conference held in Iran and involving other Local Islamic Magazines into the activities of the Consulate especially those consistent with the Events in the I.R of Iran.

The meeting was brought to an end by a presentation of copies of the “As-Salaam the Peace magazine” to the Hon. Consular as a friendship gift to the Cultural Consulate.

Yusuf Ahmed Bilkisu

Cultural Expert.

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