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The Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the I.R of Iran on August, 9th 2012 received two special guests from Iran Mr. Behrooz Yarigol a special Iranian Qur’anic reciter and a specialist in Qur’anic studies and Sheik Morteza Aga Muhammadin an Iranian Qur’anic commentator or mufasin.they were warmly received by the Hon. Consular, Mr Sayyed B. Javadi, and staffs of the Cultural Consulate among others is the Chairman Ahlulbayt African Assembly and Qur’anic Institte , Mr Ahmed Assafah, Sheik Imam Habeeb, and Sheikh Abdulsamad.

 The Consular did a formal introduction of the special guest to the staffs and sundry emphasizing that the special guest will be staying for a period of ten days within which everyone is expected to see as an opportunity to collect more knowledge and information about Islam, the Iranian Culture and subsequently transfer this knowledge into the events and programs carried out in the Consul.

One of the special guests Sheikh Morteza Aga Muhammadin expressed his profound gratitude to Almighty Allah S.W.A for the great opportunity to be in the presence of others to share his knowledge adding that legal knowledge is helping Muslims immensely even though it is thought to be dangerous. He exemplified this statement by the stoning to death law which appear a very a severe punishment in the eyes of the common man. He narrated how he was once accosted on the justification of this punishment despite its severity. His response came from the knowledge he has about the holy Qur’an he added. The stoning he replied is knotted to some conditions which are difficult to meet and the punishment severe to the person interested in it after much explanation the verifier responded by saying” what great rule it is’’. The Shia and the Sunnis often think they know so much about Islam only to realize after core study that they know very little he added.

Furthermore, the erudite Quranic commentator advised that what is required of the Muslims is to have the knowledge by an insightful focus on the Qur’an and the teachings of Ahlul-bayt this understanding will reveal what a great religion Islam is an and its simplicity.

The second guest of honor, Mr. Behroooz Yarigold carried out recitation from the holy Qur;an and in his speech, express his desire to teach and help desirous learners in Nigeria understand the significance issue involve in  the recitation of the holy Qur’an . To buttress this point, he pointed out that the significance of the holy Qur’an is in it inside and not on the cover. The sweet voicing of the holy Qur’an is what a reciter should strive to learn before knowing the meaning of it. He encourages the Muslims to impact the culture of Quranic recitation in their children who will learn the toning of the Quran early in life and thereafter the meaning as adults.

The Chairman Ahlul-bayt African Assembly and Qur’anic Instititute Mr. Assafah Ahmed rounded up the meeting with a profound expression of joy to receive the special guest who in his perspective is a great honor of the request that was made to the consular’s office for missionaries. He added that his early knowledge of Ahlul-bayt was in the primary school and through subsequent Islamic studies today he conclude, the beauty of the teacher which importantly is the focus of the great Ulamat has revealed the beauty of the Holy Qur’an out of its theoretical teachings in their kind gesture to provide the missionaries as requested.


Yusuf Ahmed Bilkisu

Cultural Expert.


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